When I am interviewing potential agents for a position, I look for someone who is quick on their feet, competitive and able to be personable in most any situation. You don’t have to have real estate experience to be great at this job, but you do need to have confidence and be able to adapt quickly.  

Ryan O., Recruiter

When I talk to potential agents, I look for highly-motivated professionals who are confident. You should have examples of how you were successful and what you did to make it happen. You should also be on time or early and not distracted. If the interview is virtual, make sure you have strong internet connection and know how to use your camera ahead of time.

Lillian S., Recruiter

When I am interviewing a candidate, I look for two very important things. First, I want the candidate to be prepared. They should understand the basics of the job, some information about the company, and the interviewer. Second, be sure you can talk about yourself. I want to understand your background and it’s even better if you can talk about things you have done that would help you in this role.

Alex B., Recruiter

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