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New Western Agents logged 30,960 hours on our learning platform in 2022.

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New Western University

We know the more you know, the more you can achieve. That’s why we developed learning tools like New Western University.


Apply Online

Expressing interest is easy, just complete our short online application and attach your resume. Then our talent acquisition team will review the information you provide and let you know if you are moving on to the next step. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to apply and commit to communicating our decision. We will not leave you without a response.   

Recruiter Interview

If your application is selected, a recruiter will reach out via email to schedule a thirty (30) minute phone conversation with you. During this call we take time to understand your background and experiences to evaluate your fit with New Western. We also want to make sure you understand the role, our culture and what it takes to be successful. 

Field Leadership Interview

If you are selected to move past the recruiter interview, your next step will be an opportunity to meet with the hiring manager. We want to make sure we have a great mutual connection. Our Field Leadership team has first-hand experience and knows what it takes to succeed. Either virtually or in person, we will evaluate whether you have the traits necessary for success at New Western and give you the opportunity to ask questions that you need answered in order to evaluate where we are the right fit for you. 

Realistic Work Preview

If you are selected to move to this step, it is your chance to observe and experience many of the things our agents do everyday. You can join us for a team meeting, shadow an agent, experience a taste of our culture, visit a property to see how we operate in the field and meet with the hiring manager one last time to address any additional questions you may have. 


If the hiring manager determines that you have the potential to be a successful New Western investment real estate agent, they will reach out to extend a formal offer to join our team and discuss potential start dates. We appreciate the time you invested in evaluating our opportunity and commit to communicating our decision to you quickly, often the same day as your final interview or within a few days. 


Before you start, you will be assigned to one of our preboarding specialists. They can give you an overview of the process to obtain a real estate license in your state and provide you with access to any real estate course and exam prep discounts you may be eligible for now that you have an offer from New Western. The process to get licensed can take several weeks or months (each state varies) but your future teammates at New Western have your back. Your hiring manager who has already been through the licensing process is available to answer any questions and will be rooting for you. There will be opportunities to join your future teammates in the office or at social events to make sure you are starting to build relationships with them. During this time, we will complete a background check and help you complete all of our paperwork necessary to ensure you are set up and ready to go in all our systems on your first day. 

Warrior Success Tips

Take advantage
of opportunity

Have a strong
work ethic


Life at New Western

Unlicensed Real Estate Agent FAQs

Yes! While your offer with New Western is contingent upon you successfully obtaining your real estate license, over 60% of the agents we engage went through the interview process and received an offer from us prior to starting their real estate licensing process.

All New Western Agents are assessed a $55 monthly fee. Using our corporate purchasing power we are able to secure a suite of products that agents need for success at a much lower cost. Our systems fee includes of for Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), Salesforce, DocuSign, an agent web page, GSuite and other items. E&O is a type of professional liability insurance that protects agents and brokerages against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions. Don’t worry, you won’t have to come out of pocket for this fee; it is assessed monthly and is deducted from your commissions. New Western does not charge a desk fee, royalty fee, franchise fee, etc.

Our agents begin with a 2 day-intensive, live classroom education, learning directly from managers and senior team members. This is followed by weekly live workshop education through your first 90 days. Classroom and workshop sessions are supplemented with 1:1 and small group sessions by managers and senior agents in local offices and fieldwork, where you go on-site to properties, and we share our proprietary methods on the valuation of investment homes and how to sell them.

Your offer to join New Western will be contingent upon you successfully obtaining your real estate license. Over 60% of the agents we engage went through the interview process and received an offer from us prior to starting their real estate licensing process.

Yes. Aligned with the industry standard, our licensed real estate agents are compensated on a commission-only basis.

Yes. You can complete the entire interview process before you obtain your license. You offer and start date would be contingent on obtaining the license.

The average agent earns $126,036 per year. Your actual earnings may vary.

New Western agents receive over 100 leads on average in their first 90 days.

New Western goes above and beyond to offer as much learning and mentorship as a new agent would like.  We average 1 mentor for every 4 sales agents. Education is provided directly from managers and senior team members and includes classroom instruction and fieldwork. The mentoring available to our agents from managers and senior team members is organized by New Western University, our proprietary learning and development portal which includes hundreds of hours of exclusive on-demand and live learning content from real New Western top producers, industry experts, and business leaders.

New Western has established partnerships with real estate education providers in every state we operate. Anyone who has received an offer to join New Western as an Agent will have access to discounted real estate course fees, but the agent will be responsible for paying the fees.

Being a New Western Warrior is not a job. It’s a career. Our team is full of career-minded individuals ready to grow their careers fast. You will quickly progress from selling houses to becoming an expert homebuyer, sometimes in months. From there, through our leadership development program, top performers can pursue w2 roles such as team leads, general managers, regional managers, and more. Company leaders share in the growth of New Western through our equity compensation plan.

New Western is a licensed real estate brokerage, and all of our investment real estate agents must have an active real estate license to work with us. However, there are plenty of opportunities for you to come into our office and attend events with our team to get a head start on your future career with New Western.

We do not typically offer relocation assistance for new agents.

All New Western Agents are required to have an active real estate license because our agents are conducting real estate transactions.

While New Western provides leads, our most successful agents will also generate their own leads, including through their own networking activities and by using the techniques and methods you will learn through our ongoing learning and development programs.